Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Poster Board Photos!

So Eliana made her debut on a for-real professional blog earlier today- and how awesome it is that my friend Lacy at Living on Love was the one to introduce Eliana to her blogging world audience!  I used to work with Lacy's husband at a refugee resettlement agency in Missouri and became addicted to her blog fairly easily (even way back when when it was still; she has tons of awesomeness on Living on Love, so you should definitely check it out...and not just because Eliana made her list of favorite Valentine's Day projects!

A bit of full disclosure here: this wasn't my idea!  I found a similar picture on pinterest forever ago (probably before I even knew I was pregnant) and filed it away mentally in my 'if-we-ever-have-children' part of my brain.  Unfortunately, I cannot for the life of me remember the original source, so to the creative genius originally did this, I thank you!

For those who want to do something similar, it's really quite simple; if I can do this project, a.n.y.o.n.e. can, as my family knows I cannot draw a straight line with a ruler or a decent circle with a compass (for real, all my siblings are uber artistic- my brother is a visual/digital artist and photographer, my middle sister is a screenwriter/film maker and photographer, and my youngest sister is a dancer and visual artist, and I...well, I was good at finger painting as a child).

Decide what word you want to spell out, purchase poster board in the color of your choice, cut out said poster board, find a simple background (ours is the blanket that usually resides at the foot of our bed), and start snapping pictures of your own cutie pie!  I wanted the letters for this particular project to be pink to bring our the pink heart on Eliana's onesie.  Please note that if you live anywhere in the Louisville area, you will probably have to make a trek to Hobby Lobby if you want pink (or any other color besides white or black) poster board.  Once you've taken your photos, use a photo-editing program to make your collage...or just print out the pictures and place in a frame.

Poster board has become my new favorite photo prop; the possibilities are endless!  My sisters-in-law and I completed this project for Isaac's parents and grandparents for Christmas:

(And yes, the parents and grandparents were confused as to why my sister-in-law was making them take a photo with a random letter...but once they saw the final project, they loved it!)


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